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All women wants to look beautiful. And just like you, I, myself, wants to look naturally beautiful in all aspects. And for that very reason, we search for cosmetics that can make us look more glamorous. However, we tend to overlook the safety of our skin. Some may go on cheap products, not considering the effect of  the contents of these products on our skin. 

Facial skin is sensitive. The “food for the skin” that we need are those that have natural ingredients. Those that can nourish our beauty, naturally. I tried a lot of cosmetics even those brands that are globally known, as well as those locally made in my country. Some claims that they use natural products and don’t have lead contents… but, whoaaala… as my skin is kinda’ sensitive, it sometimes, gets irritated. 

Purity Cosmetics Skin Care Products

I came across of this product, which claims, just like the others, that their cosmetics are purely natural, as there brand name indicates. Well, when my curiosity strikes, I tried some of their products. And… I think i found my best skin nutrient friend that could make me feel more confidently naturally beautiful. And the perk is, it also give discounts to students when purchasing online (for US and CA only).

Well, not all skin types are the same. 100% Pure products may be the best for me, but not for others. I highly recommend their product specially for those with sensitive skin like mine. 



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October 11, 2019


    October 13, 2019

    Hi GreggEcomb. Thanks for the comment. I am continually searching for other products and trying them as well and giving some real reviews about it, that would, just like what you said, be useful for others as well.

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